This Black Friday Kobho Labs will donate 10% of its sales to the association dalecandELA.

If you have come this far, maybe you were expecting something else. And it is not that we want to deceive you, we just want to tell you that today or any other day you will not find indiscriminate discounts on our website.

Kobho Labs was born with the mission that science should stop being a luxury and become for everyone. For this reason, throughout the year we strive to maintain ultra-competitive prices so that anyone can have access to our products on a recurring basis.

And you may still be wondering why we don't participate in Black Friday. The answer is simple: we will never make you wait for a specific day when you can buy our products at reasonable prices because you are free to do so any day of the year. And because you always deserve the best.

And this doesn't mean that we don't value your support, quite the contrary: we deeply value the loyalty and trust you place in us every day. Our commitment to fair prices and transparency is constant, and our decision not to participate in Black Friday reflects our commitment to bring you the best at all times.

But there is still something we haven't told you: we wanted when you read this to not only understand our position on Black Friday and know our mission, but to confirm that we are really committed to science. For this reason, we have decided to donate 10% of sales from November 20 to 26 (both included) to the DalecandELA foundation for ALS aid and research.

Thank you for taking the time to read these lines that have nothing to do with what you expected to find on Black Friday.
The Kobho Labs team